Higher emission targets for agriculture are not only crucial for our climate, but for water & air quality, biodiversity, and food security say civil society NGOs

The Environmental Pillar, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and the Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) have voiced concern that almost no consideration is being given to the water pollution, air pollution, biodiversity loss and food security issues associated with agricultural intensification in the ongoing deliberations on the Sectoral Emissions Ceilings for the Agricultural sector. A 22% … Read more

eNGOs sound alarm that our best chance to save our water environment is being lost

The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) today launched a campaign outside Leinster House calling for the government to strengthen its draft plan for managing Ireland’s inland and coastal waters. The network of 25 environmental NGOS are deeply alarmed at the prospect of another weak water plan being published that will condemn our rivers, lakes and coasts … Read more

Mistakes of poor-planning on land risk being repeated at sea with Ireland’s first marine plan, SWAN commissioned report finds.

A SWAN commissioned research report released today which looks at Ireland’s plan for its marine area, the National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF), has found that its lack of adequate spatial planning means the mistakes of poor planning on land risk being repeated at sea. The report further finds that the plan fails to meet a … Read more

Ukraine war should not be used to undermine transition to sustainable food production

Ukraine war should not be used to undermine transition to sustainable food production Civil society organisations call for urgent reassessment of Ireland’s role in global food security – highlighting risks and concerns with current food policies The Stop Climate Chaos coalition, the Environmental Pillar, and the Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) have just written to the Minister for … Read more

SWAN is delighted to be a partner within the new Fair Seas campaign

Leading national environmental groups have joined forces to launch a new campaign to rapidly expand Marine Protected Areas in Irish Waters and SWAN is delighted to be a partner in the campaign. The Fair Seas campaign is calling for at least 10% of Irish waters to be designated as ‘Fully Protected’ by 2025 and at … Read more

Lack of action to address sewage problem out of step with public concern about water pollution

The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) is calling for immediate action from government to dramatically improve Ireland’s waste water infrastructure, following today’s publication of a report from the EPA on Urban Waste Water Treatment [1] and this week’s CSO Household Environmental Concerns survey [2], which found water pollution was the environment problem of most concern to … Read more

Renewable energy, marine habitats and coastal communities all at risk with Maritime Area Planning Bill 

National environmental groups are calling on the Government to ensure that the necessary time is given to the Maritime Area Planning Bill in order to protect and restore our marine environment and ensure that offshore renewables are truly sustainable. [1]  Ireland is marching itself towards widespread obstacles for renewable energy, longstanding depleted marine habitats and … Read more

SWAN joins the Environmental Pillar and Stop Climate Chaos in launching agriculture policy paper

Three leading environment and climate coalitions today published policy recommendations that could transform agriculture in Ireland, the sector with the most significant impacts on climate, biodiversity and water. Towards a New Agricultural and Food Policy for Ireland is the fruit of over 70 organisations’ collective labour and expertise, and was jointly published today by The … Read more