SWAN Staff

SWAN Coordinator – Sinéad O’Brien

Sinéad O’Brien has been leading SWAN’s work for over 16 years, she has a degree in Zoology from University College Cork and is a passionate advocate for the water environment. Sinéad oversees all of SWAN’s work, represents SWAN on a number of public bodies and leads SWAN’s policy work related to River Basin Management Planning and the EU Water Framework Directive.

SWAN Communications Officer – Antóin McDermott

Antóin McDermott joined SWAN in 2021. He has a BA in English and Sociology, a MSc in Sustainable Development and a MA in Digital Media Technologies. Prior to joining SWAN, Antóin worked in various communication, digital, and design roles in environmental education, politics, the NGO sector and financial services. Antóin leads SWAN’s communication, media, PR, digital, campaign and design work.

SWAN Marine & Coastal Policy Officer – Emma Armshaw

Emma Armshaw joined SWAN in 2023. She has a BA in Political Science and International Affairs, a MSc in Marine Biology and a MSc in Public Policy & Global Governance. Prior to joining SWAN, Emma worked on international democracy strengthening, leading policy and advocacy projects on inclusive and accountable politics around the world.