Our Work

The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) is an umbrella network of 25 of Ireland’s leading environmental NGOs, national and regional, working together to protect and enhance Ireland’s water environment. 

SWAN seeks to influence water policy so as to secure maximum protection for Ireland’s aquatic resources. We also work to influence other related policy areas, such as agriculture and marine planning, to bring them in line, as much as possible, with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and Marine Strategy Framework Directive to protect and restore our rivers, lakes, marine waters and groundwater. We do this through advocacy and engagement, and through coordinating and supporting our members to also participate in development and implementation of water-related policy and legislation at a local, national and EU level. 

We also work to raise awareness of the immense value of our water environment, as well as the threats faced by Ireland’s waterbodies and key causes of water quality declines. We share and promote SWAN’s proposed solutions to key challenges facing our water environment with the public and other stakeholders. 

SWAN currently represents the environmental sector on the Irish Water Stakeholder Forum and the National Water Forum. SWAN’s work spans across four strands: policy and advocacy; member support and coordination; communications and awareness raising; governance and administration.

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